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2007 Mercury Mariner Hybrid Review

The Mercury Mariner debuted as a 2005 model; it was based on the Ford Escape. In 2006, the Mariner Hybrid was first introduced. It offers better fuel economy and reduced emissions. The 2007 Mariner Hybrid, with the same gasoline/electric powertrain that was first offered in the 2005 Ford Escape Hybrid, comes only with all-wheel-drive and a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT).  The 2007 Mariner is unchanged on the outside. In the cabin, there is plenty of room for people and cargo, and the atmosphere is pleasant. Fuel economy is impressive with the Mariner Hybrid, and it is affordable, considering fuel savings. 

Mercury Mariner Features

The Mariner Hybrid's market is aimed toward younger buyers. The 2007 Mariner Hybrid features an AM/FM six-disc in-dash CD player with four speakers, all-wheel drive, electric power-assisted steering, power four-wheel disc brakes with ABS and Quick Brake Assist, power windows, locks, mirrors and accessory delay, keyless entry, driver side keyless entry keypad, auto dimming rearview mirror, specific 16-inch aluminum wheels, front fog lamps, roof rack, privacy glass, power six-way driver's seat, air conditioning, leather-wrapped steering wheel with speed control, and a passive anti-theft system.

Hybrid Powertrain

The 2007 Mariner Hybrid runs on a combination of electric power and its four-cylinder gasoline engine. Driving a continuously variable transmission, the gasoline engine is rated at 133 hp, and total powertrain output is 155 hp. The Mariner Hybrid can travel up to 25 mph on battery power alone for a short period of time. The gasoline engine automatically shuts off at stoplights, while coasting, and in low-speed traffic.

Driving the Mariner Hybrid

The 2007 Mariner Hybrid handles well and rides comfortably at highway speeds for a vehicle of its size and stature; steering is certain, and the vehicle feels centered. The suspension is ready to handle bumps and there is little body lean in curves. The Hybrid is brisk, with its 155 horsepower under full acceleration. Driving the hybrid version of the Mariner is essentially no different than driving the gas version. It is smooth, powerful, and pleasant, and gets significantly better mileage than other Mariners, especially the V6. The Hybrid's CVT transmission, which delivers power smoothly without needing to shift gears either up or down, is great for stop and go traffic.

Cabin Features

Due to its leather trim, two-tone seating and door trim, the Hybrid's interior is a bit more upscale than other Mariners. Five people fit inside the Mariner Hybrid. The instrument panel is slightly different, as it includes a battery indicator dial, informing the driver which way the current in the electric system is flowing to the battery during regenerative braking or from the battery to the electric motor when it's operating in assistance of the gasoline engine. The optional Hybrid Energy Audio and Navigation System uses a four-inch color screen to display the energy flow, the state of the electric motor system, and the battery pack. It is a great tool as it provides feedback to the driver in search of the best fuel mileage. A floor-mounted gearshift lever with a satin-aluminum knob is installed. The front bucket seats are nicely contoured and bolstered. The rear seat, even though a split-to-fold 60/40 unit, is essentially a two-piece bench. All five seating positions have three-point belts and adjustable head restraints.

Mariner Hybrid Design

The 2007 Mercury Mariner Hybrid is a compact four-door, five-passenger, sport utility vehicle. The Mariner's headlights are rectangular, and the fog lamp nacelles are parallelogram shaped. Other than this, the smaller Mariner look is similar to the larger Mercury SUVs. The stacked-element front layout has a waterfall grille matched with clear, rectangular projector headlights and integral fog lamps. A U-shaped air intake helps define the front end. For 2007, new color offerings are Tungsten Grey Clearcoat Metallic and Light Sage Clearcoat Metallic. The Mariner Hybrid is distinguished by a small vent in the driver's side C-pillar, which channels cooling air to the battery pack, Hybrid badging on the liftgate, front doors and acoustic engine cover, and unique 16-inch five-spoke wheels. The Mariner has a fully independent suspension. Built on a 103.2-inch wheelbase like the Ford Escape, the Mariner is 174.9 inches long overall.


Antilock brakes, LATCH restraints, and dual two-stage frontal airbags are standard on the 2007 Mercury Mariner Hybrid. There is also an optional Safety Canopy system that has both side curtain and seat-mounted side-impact airbags.

The 2007 Mercury Mariner Hybrid is a good choice among any compact SUVs. It has a versatile interior, plenty of space, and a comfortable atmosphere.  The optional energy flow indicator is great and can help drivers make the already fuel efficient hybrid even more so. Although the hybrid costs more than conventional gasoline models of the Mariner, the extra cost can be offset by the increased fuel savings and the peace of mind that comes with a 'greener' vehicle. City mileage on hybrids is higher than the highway mileage, the opposite of gasoline-powered vehicle, caused by the hybrid's regenerative braking. The Mariner Hybrid rates an EPA-estimated 33 mpg City and 29 mpg Highway.


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