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Used Cars in Bristol: Eliminate the Risks

The best may to a successful used car shopping experience is to be prepared. Do as much research as you can. Read reviews, online reports, ask friends about their used car experiences, and compare gas consumption data on models you're interested in. Take into account maintenance costs and upkeep on the used cars. In fact, this research will help narrow down the list of the exact models you are interested in. Another important step is to check a car's history records. This will help to eliminate many vehicles from your list that are found to have potential problems. In this used car history check, you will be notified if any of the vehicles have been in a flood or an accident. Also, if their odometers have been rolled back, or if they have been heavily abused vehicles (such as ex-rentals). To check a used cars history all you need is the VIN number, and it can easily be done online for a small price.

After the used car checks out fine through research and a history report, then the vehicle must be inspected; by yourself and by a professional mechanic. The interior and the exterior of a used car must be gone over thoroughly before it is bought. This includes checking the body for rust or damage, testing all lights and interior gauges, looking under the hood for any obvious leaks, and making sure the vehicle fits you and is comfortable. If you are still interested in the used car or truck after a self inspection, bring it to a trusted mechanic for a more technical looking over. Now that the used car has been found to be a reliable model, with no negative history, and is in working order, you may choose to purchase it. When doing paper work on the used car read every part of the contract, including any warranties on the used car. Pay special attention to fine print. You want to know exactly what you are getting and what you are paying for.

Finding Bristol Used Cars

Bristol, a part of Bucks County Pennsylvania, is located 23 miles northeast of Philadelphia, and is opposite Burlington, N.J. on the Delaware River. First settled as Buckingham in 1681, the borough of Bristol, Pennsylvania is about 30 minutes north of Philadelphia. Bristol became an official part of Pennsylvania in 1720 and is one of the older boroughs in the state. 7,104 people lived in Bristol in 1900; today the population is almost 10,000. It was originally used as a port and dock. Bristol is rich in history, boasting many historic areas. Bristol served as the capitol of Pennsylvania Colony from 1681 until 1725. Bristol for many years was a milling town. With the building of the Delaware Canal and the Pennsylvania Railroad it became a center of transportation and an attractive location for industry. By the 1880s Bristol was home to many factories, including companies manufacturing wall paper and carpet. In 1917 Averell Harriman organized the Bristol Ship yards. The area around the ship yards was named Harriman. At some point in 1950s, Harriman was annexed by Bristol. During World War II the old shipyards were used to build air planes.

The Bristol Borough School District comprises two public schools: Warren Snyder-John Girotti Elementary School (K-6) and Bristol Jr. Sr. High School (7-12). Other schooling opportunities in Bristol are offered through the Roman Catholic parish schools of both St. Ann Church (K-8) and St. Mark Church (K-8), both located in the borough. Conwell-Egan Roman Catholic School in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania provides private/parochial schooling for children in grades 9-12. Attractions in the town include the Bristol Riverside Theatre, Margaret R. Grundy Library & Museum, and King George II Inn, the oldest continuously run inn in the United States. During the summer events such as May Antique Auto Show, Celtic Day, African-American Day, Italian Day & Arts & Crafts Festival, Fall Auto Show and Puerto Rican Day are favorites among residents and tourists alike. Silver Lake Park and Nature Center provides an area of recreation. Bristol is also home to Historic Mill Street Shopping District, where the very first Side Walk Sale was started over 55 years ago and still continues to this day.

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