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About Used Jaguar XJ

Used Jaguar XJ Pennsylvania

The Jaguar XJ has never really been considered the cutting edge of full-size luxury sedans, but it has continuously been a niche model for those who consider luxury to be the quintessentially British look of abundant leather and veneered wood.  A lightweight aluminum frame, powerful V8 engines, active damping suspension, adaptive cruise control and high-tech features like navigation and Bluetooth keep this flagship sedan in step with competitors from Germany and Japan. Yet Jaguar's insistence on maintaining timeless styling has backfired, leading to disappointing sales at a time when it can ill afford any false starts. Although features like digital gauges and navigation systems have been added over the years, the basic look has remained, even if it has occasionally clashed with such newfangled technology.

Used XJ Models Over the Years

The current Jaguar XJ, which is the third generation, was introduced for the 2004 model year, featuring an all-new aluminum chassis that is significantly stiffer and lighter than the previous steel structure. Changes to this generation have been minimal. For 2008, the XJ was mildly restyled, adopting XK-style front fender vents and a more aggressive front fascia. More standard features were added a year later. Performance of the 1995-2003 (second Gen) Jaguar XJs ranged from swift for the six-cylinder cars to thrilling for the supercharged V8 versions. Ride and handling on this generation is composed but biased toward plush comfort, as one might expect of a vehicle whose cabin resembles an Edwardian parlor.

There were a number of different engines offered during the second generation's lifespan. The square-headlamp version came with a choice of either an inline-6 (3.6 liters and later 4.0) or a 6.0-liter V12. These models were referred to as the XJ6 and XJ12, respectively. The engines carried through the 1995 overhaul, with a supercharged, 310-hp version of the six-cylinder engine first appearing in the new XJR in '95. The V12-powered XJ12 was dropped in 1997. For 1995's midcycle makeover, the round headlights returned, along with a sleeker, lower grille. The interior was also significantly revised to bring it into the 1990s, with improved materials and more up-to-date electronics. The traditional look remained, however, with radio and HVAC controls contained in a pod under a large swath of wood. The first Jaguar XJ debuted in 1968 and lasted through 1987, while the second generation was on the prowl from 1987 (yes, both generations were offered that year) to 2003. The second generation started out with round headlights, but for 1990 adopted ungainly rectangular units that were met with disdain by Jaguar enthusiasts. For more research on used XJs, read a complete 2008 Jaguar XJ review.

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