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Malvern Used Cars: What Should You Pay for a Used Car?

Pricing a Used Car

With the average price of a new car increasing every year, it is not surprising that the fastest growing segment of the auto industry is the used car market. In the past decade, used cars have become increasingly better values. Buying a car that is just a year or two old can save thousands of dollars over the price of a new model, especially as the price of new cars keeps increasing.

Decide on the year, make, model and options you desire on the vehicle. Do you need a family vehicle or an economical model for a college student? Consumers Reports publishes excellent information on both new and used cars, to include maintenance and repair information. Narrow your choices of vehicles as much as possible. Pay attention to: visibility, safety features, comfort, ride and other items of importance.

Price Guides for Used Cars

A variety of price guides are used by lenders, dealers and individuals to determine the value of used cars. Check the N.A.D.A. (National Automotive Dealers Association) Official Used Car Guide, Southeastern Edition, for the book value on your trade-in. This book also can be found in public libraries, local banks and credit unions. It is published monthly by the NADA and provides average trade-in, wholesale, loan and retail prices for nearly every car sold in the last 7 years. This information can be obtained through the reference section of your public library at no cost or there are services that provide invoice prices for a fee. Check the classified ads in the local newspaper to determine what advertisers in your area are asking for the type of car you want. The difference between wholesale and retail value will be your bargaining range.

Finding Used Cars in Malvern

Malvern is a borough in Chester County, Pennsylvania, United States. The population was 3,059 at the 2000 census. The main road through the borough is King Street, although the borough is also bordered by Paoli Pike on the south, and is near US 30 on the north. The primary cross street is Warren Avenue. The areas north and west of the borough along US 30 are simultaneously known as Malvern and Frazer, and the Frazer post office shares the Malvern zip code. Just east of Malvern is the village of Paoli. Malvern also contains a train stop on the SEPTA R5 line.

Malvern is the site of the Paoli Massacre during the American Revolutionary War. Named after the Malvern Hills, close to the Welsh border in England, Malvern was originally settled by Welsh settlers in the 1600s. William Penn sold them the land for 10 cents an acre, along with the rest of the land on the Welsh tract. Malvern was incorporated as a borough in 1889, from portions of Willistown Township. The Great Valley School District serves as the public education for the borough. The borough also contains one private school (6-12 grade): Malvern Preparatory School. It is also home to a Catholic elementary school, St. Patrick's.

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