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Used Cars in Holland: The Cabin Inspection

Once you have found a vehicle you like and one that is in your budget range, it is very important to do a thorough inspection on all parts of the vehicle. After taking a look at the outside of the car look inside. The cabin of the car is where you will be spending your time, so make sure it is in proper shape and suitable to your lifestyle. While an exterior inspection may uncover serious problems with the vehicle, the interior inspection on the used car is crucial too. First, sit in the driver’s seat. Is it adjustable to fit your body type and comfort level? The safety belts should all be functioning, and without any unraveling, as this is a safety issue. It should be noted if the carpeting is stained or worn. If there are mats you should determine if they need to be replaced.

Next up are all of the gauges and meters. A used car should at least be functioning in this area, and if not, it could lead to costly repairs. If you came prepared you may have brought a CD to test out the audio system. This is more important to some than others, but should be noted either way if it does not work on a used car. When you start the engine on the used car listen for any knocks or strange ticks. Press down on the pedals, they should be fairly firm, and if they sink right to the floor this could indicate problems (often very costly). During the inspection make note of anything that seems to not be functioning or in rather poor shape. It may not seem like it matters at the time for the small things, but in the end it may affect the price and value of your used car.

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Holland is an unincorporated community in Northampton Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. It is located next to Newtown, Richboro, and Churchville. One of its communities is Village Shires, which has approximately 4,000 residents. Despite its proximity to Philadelphia, Holland was quite rural for much of its history. A building boom in the 1970s resulted in a significant increase in housing capacity, mainly in the form of large tract-housing developments. Since then, the town has seen additional growth, becoming a commuter bedroom community for suburban families. The area's proximity to both Philadelphia and the Trenton/Princeton, New Jersey area makes Holland a desirable location.

Holland is located in the Council Rock School District, and is home to several of the district's schools: Council Rock High School South, Holland Middle School (formerly Holland Junior High, and prior to that Council Rock Intermediate School (CRIS)- Holland), Holland Elementary, Hillcrest Elementary, and Rolling Hills Elementary. Holland is also home to several private Catholic schools: Villa Joseph Marie High School, an all-girls school, and St Bede Catholic School, affiliated with the church of the same name. Notable current and former residents include James C. Greenwood, former U.S. Representative who represented the area in Congress, Matt Walsh, former Florida Gators basketball star and a former player with the NBA's Miami Heat, Shannon James, Travis Greisler, who appeared on Broadway in The Who's Tommy and the tour of Les Miz, and Anthony Green, lead singer of Circa Survive.


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