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About Pennsylvania Used Mercury

Mercury cars have gained a reputation in the used car world as a reliable and luxury vehicle. Mercury vehicles are often similar to their Ford siblings, but represent a slightly higher level of features, options, and design. The Grand Marquis represent Mercury’s trademark sedan. This is a used sedan that is meant to be driven, and offers a fun drive on any road.

It rides smoothly on the highway and handles bumpy city and country roads with ease. This is the last of the V8-powered, rear-wheel-drive, full-size cars with body-on-frame construction. Its competitors are all V-6 front wheel drives, with frameless, unit-body construction. The used Grand Marquis even comes close to its cousin the Lincoln Town Car as far as luxury, and it's priced much lower.

Mercury has sold 2.7 million Grand Marquis since 1975 when the car was first introduced as a premium American sedan. The 2003 Grand Marquis got a makeover and rides more quietly and handles better. The used car has a new frame design and a speed-sensitive variable power-assisted rack-and-pinion steering; it’s got optional dual side air bags, new headlamps, side markers, new seat styles and materials, and new instrument panel woodgrains. The Marquis gets 25 mpg on the highway and 17 mpg in the city; decent for a large used sedan. The 2003-2008 Grand Marquis models are a perfect example of a preowned vehicle that still has safety and technology features you would find in a new car. With its addition of dual side airbags in 2003, purchasing a Marquis from the last seven years will offer a sense of security. Many consumers worry that going the used route means they will have to sacrifice safety. Although new cars have the absolute latest technology, vehicles from the last five to seven years can often be found with features such as side airbags, traction control, and seatbelt pretensioners.

Finding Used Mercury in PA

Mercury, a division of Ford Motor Company, is marketed as a more upscale vehicle then Ford. It has engineered unique styling features to make Mercury vehicles be more desirable. The Mercury brand began in the 1930s, when Henry Ford's son saw an opportunity to create an additional brand within the Ford business. The Mercury Eight was its first car; it did well on the market. Production of this model was stopped during World War II. In 1945, Ford combined its newest brand with one of its oldest, Lincoln. Lincoln-Mercury dealerships were populated by famous vehicles. In the 1960s the Comet and Meteor vehicles were introduced. The Mercury Cougar, a variation of the Mustang, was in production by the end of the decade. It became a forerunner in muscle cars.

In the era of the gas crisis Mercury created the Capri and the Bobcat to comply with consumers wanting something small and compact. Mercury has since then produced many acclaimed vehicles, like the Sable. Minivans and SUV popularity in the 1990s prompted Mercury to produce their own, with the Villager minivan and Mountaineer SUV. Mercury vehicles, both in the past and today, are based on Fords. The Sable, for example, is based on the Ford Taurus while the Grand Marquis is based on Crown Victoria. Despite lagging sales Ford seems intent on keeping the brand, the vehicles in production may be small, but the brand has a respectable niche in the luxury category. For further research, read a complete review of the used Mercury Grand Marquis.

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