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Used Lincoln in Pennsylvania

Lincoln has built its reputation upon well performing cars with a touch of luxury and an excellent value. Used Lincoln models can be found in an array of body types, from used SUVs to luxury sedans. One of Lincoln’s top selling used models is the Navigator, a massive luxury SUV. The used Navigator in pa got a redesign in 2007 and added an even larger ‘L’ version. While the Navigator gets a somewhat dismal mileage of 13/18 mpg, it is designed for ultimate utility, cargo space, towing capability, and room for an entire family; the used Navigator can hold eight. Throughout all eight seating positions — and beyond — this is a well-thought-out interior that should provide comfort and convenience. The second and third rows each fold flat to increase cargo space, although even with all the seats in the upright stance, there's 18.2 cubic feet of cargo room behind them in the base Navigator.

Another trademark of Lincoln is the Town Car. Used Town Car models offer a surprisingly appealing driving experience, offering a secure, confident sensation and good connection with the road. Town Cars are exceptionally stable on the expressway and especially easy to drive; they deliver a smooth yet controlled ride. Lincoln's rear-wheel-drive luxury sedan earned a substantial reworking for the 2003 model year. The highlights of used Town Car in pa include a larger interior space, great ride comfort, five-star crash-test ratings, and driving ease. This Lincoln models offers power adjustable pedals, a 239-hp, 4.6-liter V-8, body-on-frame construction, and an executive, formal appearance.

About Used Lincoln Cars

The Lincoln Motor Company was started by Henry Leland in 1917, and named after his favorite U.S. president. Lincoln quickly became a stiff competitor to Cadillac and Packard, the leading high end automotive brands at that time. Lincoln targeted the higher end auto market, but quickly ran into financial problems, and was bought by Ford Motor Company in 1922. At the time Ford was having a huge success with the cheap mass produced Model T’s. Lincoln was its opportunity to produce a line of high end vehicles.

One of Lincoln’s first classics was the Lincoln Zephyr released in 1936. The legendary Lincoln Continental was derived from the Zephyr platform in 1938. By the end of the run for the Continental in 1948, over 5,200 models were built, all nearly hand built. The Continental did continue in 1949, but under a new name, using the Mark series. The Continental Mark I had a drastically high price compared to the previous Continentals, and had a European look and feel to the models. The Mark series was eventually was outdone by the new SUV craze that hit America in the 1990’s. Lincoln joined the trend with its very successful Navigator, which continues today. The Continental was Lincoln’s flagship model until the Town Car was released in 1981. On an interesting note Lincoln has been the main supplier of presidential limousines for the US government. Cadillac supplied the cars for a few years in the 1980’s and 1990’s, and now since 2004. Every other year it has been Lincoln. Franklin Roosevelt had the first presidential car, a V12 convertible known as the Sunshine Special. After Kennedy’s assassination in a Lincoln, the presidential models were reinforced with armor plating. Read an overview of Lincoln used cars for sale for further research

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