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About Chester County’s Used Chevy's

Chevrolet is an automaker that offers a wide range of used vehicles: sedans, hatchbacks, huge vans, SUVs, and trucks. Chevrolet may be best known for its Silverado trucks, one of the top selling pickups in the country. Used Chevy Tahoes in pa offers utility and room that consumers with families are looking for. Buying a used Chevrolet is an opportunity for car buyers to get something both affordable and reliable. Chevy’s history is long and storied. They have produced some of the most famous American cars and trucks of all time: '57 Bel-Air, the Corvette, the Camaro, the Blazer and the Suburban. To stay with current trends and recover from some down years, the company has even gone into the hybrid and fuel efficient markets.

The 2007 Chevrolet Impala is an excellent example. It is a mid sized sedan that is roomy, fuel efficient, and performs well. The Impala has stylish designs cues, and many standard amenities. There are a few trims, but the. LS seems to be the best package, as it is well-equipped. This a used car that has a feel of a luxury car without the huge price tag. At the same time it is meant to honor a Chevy style of the 1960s. The ’07 used Impala provides modern safety, with a five-star rating from the Federal government in both front and side impacts. While shopping for a used car it is important to do a thorough test drive and to research the vehicle. Make sure it will serve your needs as a driver, and that you are comfortable with its features, size, and condition. If you are concerned about safety features, look for vehicles that were produced within the last 5-7 years, this way they are likely to have up to date safety technology, such as traction control or side airbags.

Finding Used Chevrolet in Pennsylvania

The automaker began its legacy in 1911 when William C. Durant, who previously worked for General Motors, joined forces with racecar driver Louis Chevrolet. The first vehicle to be produced was called the Classic Six. It was designed as a five-passenger touring sedan that could supposedly reach 65 miles per hour, which was very impressive in that day. It also came standard with lights and a folding top. The next vehicle was the 490, and it achieved overwhelming success. When Chevrolet reached a large profit, Durant purchased enough shares in GM to regain control. Thus, Chevrolet became a division of GM, and by the 1920s was the company largest division.

The company reached a highlight in 1927, when it outsold Ford. They were the first to include independent front suspension, on their cars, giving riders a much smoother experience. In the 1950 Chevy introduced the technologies of power brakes, seats and windows, adding a taste of luxury to an affordable car. This decade also saw the first Corvette. The next achievement for Chevy was to offer the first domestic production car with all-round independent suspension, and it was named the Corvair. Two other hit makers in this era were the compact Nova and the Camaro, Chevroletâ competition to the Ford Mustang. The Camaro made great strides and was a big sales item for the company. When the gas crisis hit in the 1970, Cheverlet, like many manufacturers answered the public need for a small car. The 1980 brought a popularity growth of SUVs and trucks, and once again Chevy answered the trend. And today these mid and full size models are some of the company best sellers. For a more complete look, read a complete used Chevy Impala review.

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