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Paoli Used Cars: Used Vehicle Selection

There are many different types of used cars available. A coupe is a closed car body style, the precise definition of which varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, and over time. Coupes are often hard topped sports cars or sporty variants of sedan body styles, with doors commonly reduced from 4 to 2, and a close-coupled interior (i.e. the rear seat placed further forward than in a standard sedan) offering either two seats or 2+2 seating (space for two passengers in the front and two occasional passengers or children in the rear). A convertible is a type of automobile in which the roof can retract and fold away, converting it from an enclosed to an open-air vehicle. Many different automobile body styles are manufactured and marketed in convertible form.

A sports car is a term used to describe a class of automobile typically of two seats and two doors with precise handling, brisk acceleration, sharp braking, and attractive aesthetics. Sedans are good options for a used family car. They are more roomy and powerful compared with small cars.

Large sedans are long and wide, powerful, and well equipped. There is also a type of used cars in this category called hatchbacks. These small or medium-sized used cars have a trunk lid that's all one piece with the back window. This vehicle maximizes cargo space and provides a large loading door through the rear. The sloping roofline of some designs can limit head room in the rear. A great alternative to other family vehicle types, the wagon offers both cargo and passenger space. These are the best choice of used car for family, or big cargo. They are easy to drive, economy is generally good, and some offer all-wheel drive.

Finding Used Cars in Paoli

Paoli is a census-designated place located in Chester County, Pennsylvania near Philadelphia. It is situated in portions of two townships: Tredyffrin and Willistown. Paoli was on the Philadelphia and Lancaster Turnpike, which was later absorbed into the Lincoln Highway, and became U.S. 30 still later. In a nod to the old days, most locals still call the route "Lancaster Pike". For generations, Paoli was the western terminus of Pennsylvania Railroad commuter trains coming from Philadelphia on the Main Line. The "Paoli Local" became iconic in the western suburbs. Amtrak stops at the Paoli station, but with the decline of long-distance train travel, the stops are now less frequent. Commuters traveling by rail within Southeastern Pennsylvania use the Paoli station, although most local trains serving Paoli now terminate in Malvern, one stop to the west. SEPTA's R5 commuter rail runs between Thorndale and Philadelphia both ways every 30 minutes during the week.

College students and city-working suburbanites take the R5 to school and work. Station-to-Station, a trip from Paoli to downtown Philadelphia on the R5 takes approximately 45 minutes. Local buses traverse Route 30 along the Main Line, and Paoli Pike is the main artery for buses heading to West Chester. The town of Paoli grew around a 1769 inn kept by Joshua Evans, whose father bought 500 acres from William Penn in 1719 near the current site of the Paoli Post Office. Evans named his inn after General Pasquale Paoli, a Corsican, after he had received the 45th and final toast at a Saint Patrick's Day celebration. The Tredyffrin/Easttown School District serves the portions of Paoli in Tredyffrin Township. The section of Paoli in Willistown Township is served by Great Valley School District. The Elementary Schools, Charlestown, KD Markley, Sugartown, and General Wayne Elementary Schools all filter into Great Valley Middle School. T/E students attend Conestoga High School, while GVSD students attend Great Valley High School.

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