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Thorndale Used Cars: Consider a Model Twin

If you are set on a certain vehicle and the price is just too high, you may want to consider looking into the models ‘twinned’ vehicle. While not all used cars have a less expensive counterpart, many do, without consumers even knowing it. Twinned vehicles are basically the same under the skin, but are sold under different brand names, prices, and are considered unique vehicles. The reason manufacturers do this is to reach different markets, while saving on costs of creating an entirely new vehicle. Twinned used cars are built on the same chassis and share most of their under-hood and interior components. Their difference comes in the sheet metal, amenities and interior design. Furthermore, it is common for multiple vehicles to share the same platform. They may appear different in looks, but use the same underpinnings and sometimes the same powertrain.

Vehicles that share platforms can straddle vehicle types and sizes, such as the Ford Fusion sedan and the Ford Edge SUV, whereas twinned vehicles cannot. It will be more likely to find a twinned model with a newer used car; nowadays there are so many vehicle brands owned by one name, such as GM. It is important to be aware of this because twinned vehicles could be distinguished by the packaging of standard features and options: An item buried in an options package on one might be standard equipment on the other. Another key difference between one twin to the next is warranty coverage. Again, this happens mostly with late-model used cars because vehicle twins exist today not only across brands within a company, but across different companies that share their engineering. The last consideration when choosing between two twins is their resale value. It is possible that one may depreciate much quicker than the other. The reason it is important to be aware of any particular models twin is for negotiation purposes. If you have the knowledge to mention the vehicle twin, which may be at a different dealer’s lot; he is likely to strike a deal on the used car just to keep you at his dealership. It is easy to research this online, and may be well worth the time.

Find Thorndale Used Cars

Thorndale is a village in Chester County, Pennsylvania. The population was 3,561 at the 2000 census. Thorndale is the commercial and administrative center of Caln Township. The village sits along US Business 30, which is the major commercial road through the village. Many of the old houses that were Thorndale have fallen into disrepair and have been torn down and replaced with new business from the late 1990s to present. Thorndale is historically notable for containing a summer house of US President James Buchanan, which still stands and has been incorporated into a golf course and turned into a restaurant. It contains the Thorndale Fire Station and Caln Elementary School, part of the Coatesville Area School District. Thorndale sits along the SEPTA R5 line and is currently the last station on that line. It is also serviced by the Rover bus system.

Chester County is one of the three original counties of Pennsylvania created by William Penn in 1682. It is named for Cheshire, England. It is part of the Delaware Valley area, and is the only Delaware Valley county in Pennsylvania that does not border Philadelphia, though it is close. Chester, Philadelphia, and Bucks were the three original Pennsylvania counties created by William Penn. At that time, Chester County's borders were Philadelphia County to the north, the western edge of the colony to the west, the Delaware River to the east, and Delaware and Maryland to the south. Chester County replaced the Pennsylvania portion of New Netherland/New York’s Upland, which was officially eliminated when Pennsylvania was chartered, but did not actually cease to exist until June of that year. Much of eastern Chester County was in the Welsh Tract, and Welsh place names continue to predominate there.

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