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About PA’s Used Chrysler's

Chrysler is a trademark name in the auto world. This is an automaker that offers high quality, even luxury used cars. One of Chrysler’s most popular preowned cars in pa is the Chrysler 300. This is an aggressive looking full sized sedan that originated in 2005 and continues to be produced today. The 300 looks bold and imposing; aluminum is used for the hood and deck lid. A 2.7-liter V-6 produces 190 horsepower in the base sedan. Other models get a 250-hp, 3.5-liter V-6 and used Chrysler 300 are available in rear or all wheel drive. From the first moments behind the wheel, the 300 feels especially solid and substantial. Performance in snow and ice is amazing because of the Electronic Stability Program. Another used Chrysler model that families may be interested in is the Chrysler Town & Country. The 2004 base version has a retail price of $3,325 to $8,481. This used minivan, which seats seven, has a fuel economy of 26 mpg Hwy, 19 mpg City. This used car is responsive, smooth, quiet, upscale and luxurious, yet at the same time accommodates the demands of family travel. The Chrysler Town & Country is among the best minivans available, and is a great used car value.

The 300 and Town & Country are just two of Chrysler offerings in the used car lineup. While shopping for your next vehicle it is important to go to the dealership knowing exactly what you want. While this may seem difficult, as long as you examine your everyday needs, priority of features, and budget you will find your perfect used car. What will this car be used for? A daily commuter will want something fuel efficient. A weekend vehicle will be all about fun and performance. And a family car is all about ease of used, cargo space, organizational features, and even entertainment such as a DVD player. Once you know what you will be using your used car for you can narrow it down by your priorities. What is most important to you? Fuel efficiency, performance, towing capability, luxury, cabin space? These are just a few of the aspects to think about.

Find Used Chrysler's Car in Pennsylvania

The Chrysler Corporation became a company in 1925. Chrysler was quick to achieve an excellent reputation for their modern engineering. They were able to expand in 1928, with the purchase of Dodge and the creation of two new divisions, DeSoto and Plymouth. The Chrysler Airflow was one of the first autos to be engineered specifically for aerodynamics; it was powered by a front-mounted inline-8. However, the Airflow was not considered a success with the public, perhaps too futuristic of a vehicle. Chrysler survived the Depression, mostly due to its strength in entry-level Dodge and Plymouth brands. This was likely because of their traditional designs and affordable price. After the war, Chrysler began an upward climb. They even outsold Ford as the number two auto maker in the late 1940s. The DeSoto name was dropped by 1961 and Chrysler went into the direction of new technology. These included uni-body construction and the introduction of alternators. In the 1960s Chrysler vehicles became a big part of NASCAR and performance was their main focus.

The 1970s were a difficult time for most auto manufacturers, including Chrysler. The design of the first modern mini van helped improve the financial situation, allowing them to pay off the government loan in an unprecedented amount of time. The company then purchased American Motors Corporation (Jeep), were involved in a venture with Mitsubishi, and merged with Daimler-Benz. This brought on the new name of DaimlerChrysler. Yet there was no equality in this new corporation, and Daimler quickly became the dominant partner. As gas prices rose, and Chryslers vehicles were found to be based on high powered gas hogs, Daimler sold Chrysler for a loss in 2007. Today Chrysler has launched a new division ENVI. It was formed specifically to design and engineer electric vehicles. They expect to offer a variety of electric vehicles, and the Electric based Town & Country is expected to be ready by 2010. It is predicted to go 400 miles on eight to ten gallons of gas. Read a complete history of the Chrysler 300 for further research.

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