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Newtown Square Used Cars: What to Look for in a Used Car

Many used car models are available with only an automatic transmission. Manuals, on the other hand are more interesting to drive, and offer more control. Decide what type of transmission you are looking for prior to your used car search. How much traction is needed in your used car? Many vehicles use two-wheel drive, where engine power is sent to the front or rear wheels. Front-wheel drive is used in most cars, wagons, minivans, and is better than rear-wheel drive in slippery conditions. Rear-wheel drive places less demand on the front wheels, allowing them to be used primarily for steering. Rear-wheel drive is popular on sports cars and high-performance sedans. All-wheel drive (AWD) feeds power to all four wheels. Something to consider is that AWD and 4WD used cars consistently get worse mileage than 2WD used cars. If you prefer a smaller car but with maximized cargo-carrying ability, a hatchback is a good option for a used car. Most vehicles will accommodate five people, although the center-rear position uncomfortable in some small sedans.

If you are in need of seven seats (or more), you need a vehicle with a third-row seat. You can find many used cars that fit these criteria, including minivans. For some people looking for a used car, they want something that accelerates and drives in crisp motions. Most sports cars and many coupes fit the bill, but some make you sacrifice space. In this time of wavering fuel prices and environmental concern, fuel economy is a priority for most consumers. Smaller vehicles and many midsized models provide four-cylinder engines, which typically provide the best fuel economy. The best used cars for fuel economy are hybrids and diesels.

Finding Used Cars in Newtown Square

Newtown Square, is a township in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. It is the oldest township in Delaware County. Newtown Square is home to the Project Management Institute (PMI), a Lyondell Chemical Company Technology Center, Apple Vacations, USA 3000 Airlines and the headquarters for SAP America, a subsidiary of SAP AG. Today Newtown in considered a second class township with a land area of 10.11 square miles, and a population of 16,000 individuals. Some farms and large estates remain, but for the most part, the Township was developed into a suburban community with old stone homes and structures dotting the landscape to serve as reminders of days gone by. Newtown Township was settled in 1681 and incorporated as a Township in 1684. In 1681, William Penn planned the "first inland town west of Philadelphia" at the intersection of Goshen Road and Newtown Street Road. The Township was laid out around a center square, or "townstead" of approximately one square mile surrounded by farmland. Original purchasers of land in the Township received 1-acre in the townstead for every ten acres of surrounding farm land.

Penn has planned New Town while still in England and was able to sell a considerable number of tracts before leaving England. However, many of these people never lived on the land, the properties changed hands many times, and thus, early growth of the Township was slow. Newtown was organized as the Townstead with the majority of early settlers being Welshman. These Welsh "Friends" (Quakers) needed a road to facilitate their journey to meeting, the only established road at the time being Newtown Street Road, which ran north and south. As such, in 1687, an east-west road was laid out (Goshen Road) so the Friends could attend either Goshen or Haverford Meeting. By 1696, these Friends had become numerous enough to hold their own meeting in Newtown and continued to meet in a private home until the completion of the Newtown Friends Meetinghouse in 1711. In the 1700s, Newtown was basically a farming community. Blacksmith and wheelwright shops emerged on the main arteries to service horse and buggy travelers. Taverns and inns were also opened to accommodate local patrons as well as drovers taking their livestock to the markets in Philadelphia.

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