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Pennsylvania Used Dodge Grand Caravan

The Grand Caravan has represented the Dodge in the minivan market for over a decade. In fact, the Dodge Caravan is one of the pioneers of the minivan market. The Grand Caravan has changed immensely since it was first rolled out, in looks, design, technology, and cabin. Over the years, Dodge's hauler has faced increased competition from import-brand minivans. In some ways, it has risen to the challenge, offering groundbreaking features like driver-side sliding doors and Stow 'n Go seating. The latter enables owners to fold both the second- and third-row seats into the floor, or flip the third-row split bench completely rearward to provide tailgate seating. The Grand Caravan has long offered roominess, versatility and value -- especially for growing families with lots of kids and cargo to haul around. The current van represents the fifth-generation Dodge Grand Caravan that debuted for 2008. The van hasn't changed much since, though for '09 Dodge added standard Stow'n Go seating and SXT options like a dedicated iPod interface, a blind-spot monitoring system and the Rear Cross Path system. The Grand Caravan is also available in four previous generations. The first spans 1987-90; the second, 1991-95; the third, 1996-2000; and the fourth, 2001-07.

The Grand Caravan Innovations

In 1987 that the Dodge Grand Caravan was introduced to the American public, three years after the shorter wheel based version, the Caravan arrived. The Grand Caravan was larger, provided three-row seating for seven, and featured AWD; making it the first ever minivan to hit the streets with AWD. Also, Dodge came up with the innovative idea to have sliding rear doors on both sides of the minivan, a welcome feature for mothers hauling around kids to soccer, ballet, and making trips to the market. The Grand Caravan has been known for its excellent fuel economy (for a minivan), superior safety features, and incredible roominess. The repairs have ranged from engine trouble and brake problems to recalls on airbags and tires. Nevertheless, this has not stopped buyers from picking their favorite off the sales floor. Most buyers say that they feel more comfortable purchasing a minivan that gets excellent gas mileage, but also doesn't break the bank. The Grand Caravan's affordability has been a selling point from its inception in 1987.

Grand Caravan Features Throughout the Years


The 1991 version of the Grand Caravan had changes that customers themselves had suggested. The public felt acknowledged when Dodge revealed the newest edition of the minivan. A more expansive wheelbase and superior suspension were installed. While Dodge's sister company Chrysler began manufacturing a more luxurious translation of the minivan (Town & Country), Dodge charged on with its no frills design of the Grand Caravan. Dodge's third generation of its minivan got a complete redesign of the exterior provided a more sleek and streamlined appearance. The body was shorter than its predecessor. Bigger handles were installed on the doors, and a much improved DOHC 2.4L 16-valve engine was swapped for the older version. The interior was revamped and became more passenger friendly, with additional cup holders, a movable third row seat, and a modern interior design concept to replace the outdated interior wood paneling. Over the next ten years, the Grand Caravan has stayed a staple in Dodge's lineup. The Dodge Grand Caravan, as long as it stays on its well-worn path, will continue to grace highways and byways.

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