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Bucks County Used Buick Cars

Buick is one of this country's oldest brands, with a rich tradition of innovation that dates back to the turn of the century. Aimed at traditional American luxury-car buyers, Buick cars tend to place a priority on a plush ride rather than sporty performance. Although historically known for catering to retirement-age customers with its full-size sedans, the automaker's lineup has expanded to include SUVs and crossovers designed to bring younger buyers into the showrooms of Buick dealers. In recent years, Buick's plush sedans have been joined by SUVs and crossovers that have met with mixed success. As is the case with some other GM brands, however, Buick is struggling to find a secure niche against increased globalization and competition.

In an ideal future, it will be able to attract younger customers with new products without abandoning its rich heritage or alienating its traditionally loyal customers. There are a wide variety of used Buick models available for consumers looking for a luxurious ride. The Buick Enclave crowns GM's newest batch of crossover SUVs, a group that also includes the Saturn Outlook and GMC Acadia. It was rolled out in 2008 and features all the latest technology and safety features. Buick introduced the Rendezvous crossover vehicle — which blends sedan, sport utility vehicle and minivan characteristics — for 2002. Described by Buick as having a refined ruggedness, the Rendezvous has an overall shape like that of an SUV and shares styling elements with other Buicks. For those looking for a used sedan, the Buick LaCrosse is an excellent choice. In a 2008 and a new Super trim level that features a V-8 engine with fuel-saving cylinder deactivation technology.

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Buick is GM's North American-based entry-level luxury brand. Buick is currently the oldest American automobile manufacturer and among the oldest automobile brands in the world. It originated as the Buick Motor Company, an independent motor-car manufacturer, and was incorporated on May 19, 1903, by David Dunbar Buick in Detroit, Michigan. Later that year, the struggling company was taken over by James H. Whiting (1842-1919), who moved it to his hometown of Flint, Michigan, and brought in William C. Durant in 1904 to manage his new acquisition. Buick sold his stock for a small sum upon departure, and died in modest circumstances twenty-five years later. The first Buick made for sale, the 1904 Model B, was built in Flint, Michigan. There were 37 Buicks made that year, none of which survived. There are, however, two replicas in existence: the 1904 endurance car, at the Buick Gallery Research Center in Flint, and a Model B assembled by an enthusiast in California for the division's 100th anniversary.

The basic design of the 1904 Buick was optimally engineered even by today's standards. The flat-twin engine is inherently balanced, with torque presented to the chassis in a longitudinal manner, actually canceling front end lift, rather than producing undesirable lateral motion. The engine was mounted amidships, now considered the optimal location. Durant was a natural promoter, and Buick soon became the largest car maker in America. At first, the manufacturers comprising General Motors competed against each other, but Durant ended that. He wanted each General Motors division to target one class of buyer, and in his new scheme Buick was near the top — only the Cadillac brand had more prestige. This is the position that Buick occupies to this day in the General Motors lineup. The ideal Buick customer is comfortably well off, possibly not quite rich enough to afford a Cadillac, but definitely in the market for a car above the norm. At its extended product review in August 2009, GM announced Buick's future lineup. LaCrosse and Lucerne models will continue in production to cater to Buick's traditional upper medium price/entry-level luxury markets. For more information, pictures, and research, read another Used Buick Rendezvous review.

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