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New Hope Used Cars: Tips to Save on Gas

Regular routine servicing is very important to keep your vehicle operating at peak efficiency. An inefficient engine with fouled spark plugs, for example won't make optimum use of fuel. Be sure the air filter and the fuel filter are clean. Have new ones installed if not. Accelerate gradually, drive smoothly and your overall fuel economy will increase. An aggressive driving style will lower your fuel economy, so skip those sudden pedal-to-the-metal maneuvers if you want to save gas. Don't let your vehicle idle too long. Idling uses more fuel than turning the engine off. When you're in slow city traffic, keep the air conditioner off, if possible. Road and weather conditions have a role, too, in the fuel economy of your vehicle. Driving into a 20-mph headwind can reduce fuel economy by as much as 6%. Driving up a mountain road with a 7% grade can cut fuel economy by as much as 25%. Driving on gravel and in slush and snow requires a bit more fuel, too.

When you shop for your next vehicle, compare fuel economy. Keep in mind bigger vehicles, bigger engines, four-wheel drive and lots of optional equipment can add to a vehicle's weight and, as a result, reduce its fuel efficiency. A tire with a larger "footprint" on the road that doesn't have a special rubber compound designed to improve fuel economy has more rolling resistance than a comparable smaller tire, and this can lower fuel economy.

Finding Used Cars in New Hope

New Hope, formerly known as Coryell's Ferry, is a borough in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. New Hope is located along the route of York Road, the former main highway between Philadelphia and New York City. It was generally regarded as the half way point, where travelers would stay overnight and be ferried across the river the next morning. Though this route is largely obsolete, the section of U.S. Route 202 that passes through town still bears the name York Road. In the early days, the town was known as Coryell's Ferry, after the owner of this business. The current name came into use following a large fire that burned down several mills in the area—their reconstruction was considered a "new hope" for the area. The night prior to his famous crossing of the Delaware several miles to the south, George Washington is said to have lodged in New Hope.

Historic former residents include James A. Michener and Aaron Burr. New Hope has recently been in the news regarding major flooding of the community when the Delaware River overflowed its banks in 2004 and 2006. Each time, the downtown businesses reopened within several days; however, many riverside homes remained severely damaged for quite a while longer. New Hope's primary industry is tourism. On weekends the streets are crowded with tourists visiting the many restaurants, antique shops and art galleries, or taking the popular walk along the river and the Delaware Division of the Pennsylvania Canal. Compared to surrounding communities, New Hope has a vibrant night life. Located in an attractive historic mill, The Bucks County Playhouse features a constant stream of plays and musical productions. New Hope was once a popular spot for Broadway shows to be tested and fine tuned, and many notable stage actors bought weekend homes in the area. It was also home to an art colony, founded by Edward Redfield and William L. Lathrop that produced important regional work. New Hope is a terminal point on the New Hope & Ivyland Railroad. On weekends, tourists can ride the historic and scenic line through Bucks County.

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