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  Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles in PA

Buying a Certified Pre Owned vehicle from Best Used Cars PA could not be easier. We inspect each of our CPOs with a fine tooth comb and only after passing each of our tests will we certify one of these pre owned vehicles.

Buying certified is a smart move for many used car buyers. You get lots of features you might only get with a new car, like a warranty, factory financing, buy back or exchange policy, roadside assistance ( get details on each vehicle as features vary).

Bottom line, you get more car for your money – Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles cost less than their new car counterparts.

CPOs, like all used cars, are in higher demand than ever. Consumers are turning to used vehicles as just another way to cut back on expenses. At Best Used Cars PA we have many vehicles that are Certified Pre Owned. Check out our inventory and find out all the ways we can save you money with an amazing Certified Pre Owned deal!

The ABC's of CPO's: A Used Car Buyers' Guide To Certified Pre-Owned

What Does Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Mean? To be certified, cars must meet age and mileage requirements established by the manufacturer. Then, they undergo comprehensive inspections at the dealership. Certified Pre-Owned cars often come with a warranty and financing options similar to new cars.

Certified and Your Piece of Mind

A sense of security is the main attraction of purchasing a Certified Pre-Owned model. Although it's secondhand, the certified used vehicle is a late-model that has been thoroughly inspected prior to certification. Nearly all manufacturers offer a certification program, backed by the factory. Other programs are established by the dealer or another organization, without factory sponsorship. Some include a vehicle history report from CARFAX or another source, which provides details on past accidents, and prior ownership.

Pre Selected and Inspected

Factory certification programs, backed by the car's manufacturer, have limits on age and mileage. Depending on the automakers, cars eligible for certification must be no more than four to six years old, with a maximum of 50,000 to 80,000 miles on the odometer. Toyota stretches eligibility to seven years, and Porsche to eight. Dealers follow a checklist of inspection points: typically, 100 to 160. Because they count those spots differently, the exact amount isn't important. You just want to know that the inspection has been comprehensive. With Best Used Cars PA the inspection is ALWAYS comprehensive.

Roadside Assistance: In many cases, CPO buyers get the added security of roadside assistance, just like many new-car buyers. This further reduces the hassle of ownership, because buyers can rely on the manufacturer to come through in a roadside emergency.

Buy-Back or Exchange Program: Building on customer trust, the buy-back or exchange policy on many certified used cars is often what will have the customer ready to close the deal. It is a pressure-free way the consumer can try out the vehicle and an even exchange if a buyer changes his or her mind.

Used Car Warranty: The factory-backed warranty is often the main reason that consumers choose to go with a CPO rather than a traditional used car. For many, the slightly higher expense for a used vehicle with an extended factory warranty is well worth it. It gives the piece of mind that if something goes wrong, the manufacturer or dealership will be there to help.

Factory Financing: Because of the added benefits and slightly higher cost of a Certified Pre Owned vehicle many buyers will want the manufacturer to offer financing or cash incentives to add the cherry to the top of this used car sundae. Because the manufacturer backs a CPO vehicle, the automaker often throws these incentives or cut-rate financing into the mix to help close the deal. This becomes a great way for you, the customer, to save money by taking advantage of these incentives.

Vehicle Inspection and Certification: The certification process ensures that the vehicle is in good shape and isn't going to break down any time soon. That's the point of the certification! process, and every certified pre-owned vehicle, regardless of who made it, undergoes an inspection and certification.

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