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2010 Chevy Camaro LT - The Long Awaited Return of the Camaro

The goals for the 2010 Camaro were to make it drop dead gorgeous, give it high performance, and make it affordable. The Camaro succeeds on all three counts and is a breath of fresh air for GM. The all-new Camaro marks the return of affordable (compared to the Corvette) rear-wheel-drive performance at Chevy. The Camaro competes with other retro-inspired muscle coupes, including the Dodge Challenger and Ford Mustang. The 2010 Camaro offers both a sprightly V-6 and a beefy V-8.  It is well-proportioned, gives excellent ride quality, has high interior quality, plenty of safety features, and gets decent gas mileage for this type of vehicle. The new Camaro captures the look of the original '67, while not being seduced into retro clunkiness.   2010 Camaro is 5.7 inches longer and 3 inches wider than the '67 Camaro. The new one is 2.8 inches taller than the vintage model, that height coming largely from big tires. The 2010 Camaro LT has a starting MSRP of $23,880.

Camaro LT Power

The 2010 Camaro LT is powered by a 3.6-liter V6.  It is an impressive 7000-rpm V6 that gets 29 highway miles per gallon.  Its 304 horsepower is not only more than the 1967 Camaro SS (295 hp from a 350-cubic-inch V8), but more than last year's Mustang GT with a 4.6-liter dohc V8. The Camaro LT accelerates from 0-60 mph in 5.9 seconds, and will do the quarter mile in 14.4 seconds, which is fast in anyone's book.

2010 Camaro Design

The rear-wheel-drive Chevrolet Camaro looks new and it is, but it was built from existing hardware, starting with the chassis architecture of the impressive Pontiac G8.  The 2010 Camaro has a retro theme that borrows from previous models. The Camaro has a long hood and short rear deck. The front end features a honeycomb grille, and the rear has aggressively styled fenders with air intakes shaped liked gills. The back has four rounded taillamps, similar to the ones found on the Corvette.  All models use an aluminum hood with a 2.5-inch power dome intended to look like cowl induction but actually having no function other than appearance. Styling gills located just forward of the rear wheels add another nice touch. Even though the power dome, hood intake, and cooling gills are not functional, they all work as styling enhancements, and look like they should be there. The shapely strong hips stand out almost as much as the long hood. The Camaro is 190.4 inches long and 75.5 inches wide, with a 112.3-inch wheelbase, placing it right between the relatively small Mustang and the large Challenger.

First Drive 2010

The handling, ride and brakes are exceptional.  The Camaro LT uses a potent and sweet-sounding Cadillac V6 that makes 304 horsepower, with a six-speed manual transmission standard and six-speed automatic (with semi-manual shifting) optional. The LT will also stop from 60 mph in a superb 106 feet.  One small (but good) speeding problem with the LT is that the cabin is quiet, thanks partly to liquid sound deadener, so 80 mph feels like 70.  The Camaro LT models receive a sport-tuned suspension, called FE2.

2010 Interior

The styling of the Camaro is stupendous.  The retro theme continues on the inside. The Camaro's steering wheel, radio unit and climate controls are unique to that car, not shared with another GM vehicle. The climate control buttons on the center stack don't seem to be designed for ease of touch, but for looks. The center console and armrest is nice, solid, and handsome in leather. Visibility through the windshield is good despite the long hood and raked windshield, thanks to careful location of the driver's seat. Rear visibility over the driver's shoulder isn't very good, but that's not an easy task for a sport roof design. The trunk is deep but the opening isn't large and it's almost flat, but it's worth it for the handsome rear deck. There's a pass-through to the trunk behind the rear seat, and an available auxiliary instrument panel near the shifter that indicates oil temperature, oil pressure, the state of the battery, and transmission fluid temperature.

Early Conclusions 2010 Camaro LT

All Camaros receive OnStar, with one free year of GM's Safe and Sound Plan, which features services like monthly email alerts, automatic crash response and roadside assistance. The Camaro LT upgrades with leather upholstery with six-way power reclining driver's seat; foglamps and integral front fascia; and 18-inch painted aluminum wheels; and OnStar Directions & Connections plan, offering turn-by-turn route instructions, both verbal and visual. Option packages LT2 and SS2 include heated mirrors and seats, nine-speaker, 245-watt audio system, Bluetooth and USB port, leather shift knob and steering wheel with audio controls, remote starting, and console mounted gauges including oil temp and pressure, volts and transmission fluid temp; the LT2 package also includes 19-inch painted aluminum wheels. A sunroof ($900) is optional. Also available are 20-inch painted aluminum wheels and an RS appearance package. An available RS appearance package (on LT and SS models) includes high-intensity discharge headlamps with integrated halo rings, a rear spoiler, unique taillamps and 20-inch wheels. The Chevy Camaro has successfully pulled off the release of a modern vehicle based on a retro theme. 


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