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The 2010 Mercury Milan Hybrid

A hybrid for Mercury has finally arrived, and so far it has gotten rave reviews.  The 2010 Mercury Milan Hybrid is likely to be competitive with other hybrid sedans such as the Toyota Camry Hybrid and Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid.  The regenerative brake system recovers nearly 94 percent energy, followed by friction brakes during city driving making the Milan Hybrid one of the most fuel efficient sedans on the market. A simulator brake actuate ion system dictates brake actuation and delivers improved brake pedal feel compared to the previous generation braking system. A smart climate control system only runs the gas engine as needed to heat the cabin, while the A/C is run off an electric compressor. The driver's interaction with the hybrid system has been updated with Ford's new SmartGauge with EcoGuide. Two high resolution full color liquid crystal displays (LCD) on both sides of the speedometer can be configured to show different levels of information. You can take a look at the fuel and battery levels or view the average mpg and instant mpg.

Mercury Technology

The Milan Hybrid is loaded with technology, which aids in areas such as safety. New technology features available on the 2010 Milan include Blind Spot Information System (BLISTM) with Cross Traffic Alert, which can help provide extra confidence to drivers in parking lots by alerting drivers sooner of nearby traffic while backing out. Also new is Voice-Activated Navigation which integrates several functions including voice recognition destination entry, climate control and SIRIUS satellite radio into one easy-to-use system, displaying them on an 8-inch touch-screen display. Included as well is 911 Assist. When a phone is properly paired, turned on and connected to SYNC, the system is ready to assist in placing a call directly to a local 911 emergency operator in the event of an air bag-deploying accident. SIRIUS Travel Link is an industry-leading technology that, when combined with the voice-activated navigation system, will provide users with real-time traffic data with accident and incident information, coast-to-coast weather data including current conditions and five-day forecasts, and fuel price information for over 120,000 gas stations. Vehicle Health Report (VHR): SYNC gathers relevant information from the major vehicle control modules and packages diagnostic data into a usable format in a matter of minutes; and a Reverse Camera System.

Exterior Design

The 2010 Milan Hybrid joins an updated version of the gas-only midsize sedan and features similar styling. The Milan Hybrid has a few exterior cues that will tip onlookers off that they aren't looking at a regular Milan. The hybrid has badges on the front doors and trunklid, plus special 17-inch wheels.  It has a waterfall grille as well as a restyled hood, headlights and front bumper. Despite the numerous changes to the Milan's exterior, the relatively conservative design remains rather plain and bland among the midsize sedan segment. Ford also added in their capless fuel filler system. Just remove the pump nozzle and the system automatically seals shut.

The Milan Hybrid Cabin

The general appearance of the Milan Hybrid's cabin is similar to the regular models.  The seat fabric in the Milan Hybrid is made from recycled materials. Hood insulators, inner and outer dash absorbers, new carpet, revised ceiling baffles, additional sound deadening in the trunk, new interior material and new headliner material are among the improvements made to the sound insulation. Ford also worked on the body and door sealing to cut down on wind noise.  Metallic finishes were applied to the instrument panel, center console, doors and steering wheel. A soft upper and lower skin was applied to the instrument panel to give it a softer look. A leather wrapped steering wheel has form fitting palm swells. A new shifter and wrapped and padded armrests have been added.  The hybrid has a unique gauge cluster called SmartGauge with EcoGuide that's designed to help drivers save fuel. It features two LCD screens separated by a traditional speedometer. The screens can be configured to show the driver a limited set of information about the hybrid system or increasingly detailed data. One of the more interesting graphical features of the LCD is an animated vine that grows more leaves as the car is driven more efficiently.


The 2010 Milan Hybrid is powered by a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine and an electric motor. A continuously variable automatic transmission sends power to the wheels.  The engine is a new 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine running the Atkinson cycle mated to an electronically-controlled continuously variable transmission (e-CVT). It can produce 155 hp/136 lb.-ft. of torque. The electric motor is powered by a smaller, lighter nickel metal hydride battery pack. The battery, despite being smaller, is producing 20 percent more power while running at higher temperatures. It is cooled by using cabin air.

Driving the 2010 Milan Hybrid

The Milan Hybrid's system differs from current competitors in a key way: while many hybrids are limited to electric-only operation to speeds around 25 mph, Mercury says the Milan Hybrid can travel on electric power alone up to 47 mph. Mercury says the Milan Hybrid will have a city fuel economy rating that's at least 6 mpg higher than the Camry Hybrid's rating, which would make it at least 39 mpg. That's quite an improvement over an efficient competitor. The claimed range for the Milan Hybrid in city driving around 70 miles is equally impressive.  Ford has also upgraded the transition between the electric and gas modes, making it more seamless than before. The transition is governed by the Intake Variable Cam Timing (iVCT) The spark and cam timing are varied according to the engine load to optimize efficiency and emissions.

Conclusions 2010 Milan Hybrid

The Mercury Milan Hybrid is an exciting and fresh approach to the growing hybrid market. With safety technologies, a longer travel time on the electric motor, and an improvement in gas mileage, the Milan hybrid is sure to make a mark in this segment. The Milan Hybrid even offers more with its unique gauge cluster which features two LCD screens showing data the driver selects; all in the name of helping the vehicle get the best mileage it can.

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